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Badger Prime Lacrosse


Badger Prime is a joint venture between Wisconsin based lacrosse clubs Pirate Lacrosse, Team Wisconsin, and Stags Lacrosse. These clubs are separated geographically and cover the major population areas of Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox Valley. Players are selected by the coaches based upon skill level and readiness to play at the highest level. Badger Prime competes in national and regional premiere AA level tournaments where players can showcase their talent in front of college coaches. Due to the selection process and wide geographical representation, Badger Prime represents some of the best players in Wisconsin.

There are 3 coaches for each Badger Prime team; one each from Pirate Lacrosse, Stags Lacrosse, and Team Wisconsin. Practices are held at Marion University in Fond Du Lac since this is a central location for all of the clubs. Every effort has been made to make this the highest quality lacrosse experience possible. This is truly an opportunity to play with some of the best players, play for some of the best coaches, and to represent Wisconsin in top level national tournaments.

There is a Badger Prime team for the following graduation classes:

2022 – Rising Senior in Summer 2021

2023 – Rising Junior in Summer 2021

2024 – Rising Sophomore in Summer 2021

2025 – Rising Freshmen in Summer 2021

See the press release below for more information. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact any of the persons listed in the press release.


First, you need to be registered and playing for either Pirate Lacrosse, Team Wisconsin, or Stags Lacrosse. If you are not a registered player, you are not eligible to play for Badger Prime. Next, you need to be selected by the coaching staff of the club that you are playing for. Since only a small number of players from each club will be selected, the resulting team will be a true all-star team.

Step 1: Register for Team Wisconsin evaluations.

Step 2: Practice and play with Team WI. Coaches will evaluate players and make an invitation. Players are evaluated each season and players from existing teams are not guaranteed to be selected for future teams. It also means that if you are not selected this season, you can be selected in a future season. Team WI players will make up 1/3 of the Badger Prime team, so this is around 7 players. This selection process is used by all Badger Prime affiliated clubs (Pirate Lacrosse, Stags Lacrosse, and Team Wisconsin) and so this is truly a Wisconsin all-star team.

Step 3: Get selected and register for Badger Prime. If you are selected to play for Badger Prime, you will receive an email invitation to register for Badger Prime. Once registered with Badger Prime, you will begin to receive notifications about practices and other Badger Prime events.

Tryouts: The Badger Prime team is selected before the Team WI season. This will require all players who want to play for Badger Prime to be evaluated during tryouts. Registration for tryouts uses the same registration as our Summer 2021 Evaluations.


There are additional costs associated with Badger Prime. All of the clubs within the Badger Prime network share the same belief in making lacrosse more affordable and so costs for Badger Prime are also kept to a minimum. Costs below do not reflect travel related expenses. Badger Prime families are responsible for all travel related costs.

Team WI Summer $750.00 14 practices; 3 Midwest tournaments; uniform
Badger Prime Summer $640.00 5 practices; 2 National tournaments; uniform
Helmet (1-time purchase) $210.00 Not applicable if already have team helmet
Total $1600.00 19 practices; 3 Midwest tournaments; 2 National tournaments


Badger Prime Lacrosse

Summer 2021 Season Information


Eric Marsh

Eric Marsh

Team WIsconsin Lacrosse

Phone: 920.540.4896

Will Kirkpatrick

Will Kirkpatrick

Pirate Lacrosse

Phone: 262.225.9236

Sanford Erdahl

Sanford Erdahl

Stags Lacrosse

Phone: 608.443.9659

Announcing Badger Prime, a joint venture between Team Wisconsin, Stags Lacrosse, and Pirate Lacrosse

Wisconsin, August 5 2020. Team Wisconsin, Stags Lacrosse, and Pirate Lacrosse are pleased to announce a new combined lacrosse team called Badger Prime.  Badger Prime will consist of select players from each club who will compete in premium tournaments featuring the best teams from across the country.  Badger Prime gives each club’s players the opportunity to represent the State of Wisconsin on a national level, drawing players from Madison, Milwaukee, and the Fox Valley area.

“We are excited about Badger Prime because of the breadth of players that we can draw from and how it gives our athletes the opportunity to compete against some of the best lacrosse clubs in the country.”, said Eric Marsh, Director of Team Wisconsin, “We will represent Wisconsin and show the rest of the country what we can do”.

 “This is truly an opportunity to play for a Wisconsin state-level team.  This effort is a shared collaboration between our three clubs”, said Sandford Erdahl, Director of Coaching for Stags Lacrosse. “This means more access and more opportunity for players who want the experience of playing at the highest level of competition and to be showcased to college coaches.”

“Not only is this a great opportunity for our players but we are also doing this in a way that is affordable”, said Will Kirkpatrick from Pirate Lacrosse. He continued, “All of our programs have the shared philosophy of growing the game for all players in Wisconsin.”

Badger Prime is a lacrosse team consisting of elite lacrosse players from across the entire State of Wisconsin.  Players are selected from the Team Wisconsin, Stags Lacrosse, and Pirate Lacrosse to represent Wisconsin in elite tournaments across the country.  For more information about Badger Prime, please contact any of the following:

Eric Marsh, Team Wisconsin

Phone: 920-540-4896


Sandford Erdahl, Stags Lacrosse



Will Kirkpatrick, Pirate Lacrosse